SALT Success Story

SALT Success Story

"Before I came to SALT my back problems would limit a lot of things. Now I am able to do a lot more with the progression I have made at SALT. You will never know what you can do until you do it. Everyone that has helped me on this journey was great. The atmosphere is also great. If any other problems occur with me (hopefully not) SALT is the place I will be coming to!"

"When I started here at SALT I was barely able to move. Now just a few weeks later I am able to function with almost no pain! This place has completely changed my life! I left with tools to keep my pain managed and at bay." @ Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies

"Before I came to Physical therapy I was slightly suicidal and always felt hopeless. April 15th 2020 I was in a car accident and all of my feelings of hopelessness and suicide increased dramatically. I was no longer able to play with my one year old son as much or as often as I wanted, I lost my passion with sports, music, my social life. I lost my passion for life in general until I came to Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies, The staff from day one showed tremendous love care and concern for me and the environment was so friendly and heart warming that over time it broke down my barriers and I was able to overcome the dark path I was headed." @ Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies

"SALT is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and easy to work with. The physical therapists are exceptional and very educated. They were always very concerned with my pain and were willing to try different exercises if one was too difficult or painful. I will miss my friends now that i am done with therapy. Thanks for all the hard work!"

"I really enjoyed my therapy sessions! My therapists were Caitie and Lydia, and they both were awesome. The water therapy was amazing and so was the land therapy. It actually motivated me to keep working out! Lydia did the telehealth which I thoroughly enjoyed!" @ Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies

"I would like to thank the staff at SALT for their professionalism. I walked into their clinic a 'stiff board' and walked out a 'Limber Noodle'. That my friends is SUCCESS! Julie is a wonderful therapist who is compassionate yet tough on you and gets you to your goal. I would recommend SALT for your therapy needs!" @ Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies

"You guys are wonderful and amazing at what you do. For three months I never thought I would be able to bend and twist the way I am now. Thank you and I'm so grateful to have met 3 amazing women." #PTReimanged #GetPTFirst #GotSALT @ Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies

"I would like to thank Aquatic and Land Therapies for helping me get full movements and strength to my arm after surgery. Dr. Julie Harris and her Staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. After just 2 months of therapy, my surgeon told me I was two months ahead of schedule. There is no doubt that Aquatic and Land Therapies had a lot to do with making that possible.

During one of my regular therapy sessions I told them of a pain I was having with my knee. Again Dr. Julie Harris, and her staff; specifically PTA Lydia Prothro, worked their magic and had me running, or walking upstairs, with no pain at all.

I highly recommend Aquatic and Land Therapies, to anyone that has just had surgery, or having pain in your muscles or joints, I have no doubt they will have you up and moving in no time at all.

Thank you, Dr. Julie Harris and Staff, for helping me get my health back!" #SALTPT #GotSALT #PTreimagined

You did such an amazing job! We are so thankful to be able to help you achieve your goals and we will always be here for you if you need us

"I'm very grateful for the powerful hands of SALT. My therapists were charming and very professional and I would recommend SALT for any therapy that's needed. I love you guys for all that you have done!"

"When I started my therapy here I was scared because I thought I was gong to have to have surgery on my right knee. I started coming twice a week and doing water and land therapy. Thanks to the dry needling I have no more numbness in my right leg. Therapy started going so good, we moved to once a week. Because of Shreveport Aquatic & Land Therapy, I do not have to have surgery and I am able to return to the gym! Thank you so much for always asking about my pain and listening to what what was hurting me. Because of SALT, I feel like myself again!"

Going to aquatic land therapy was my first time in any physical therapy activity i was able to gain. all my strength back into the muscles and joints that needed the work done, In my hand. I was able to get back to my power lifting program in no time. The staff was amazing, very friendly and a very welcoming facility. Thank you Dr. Harris!

Colin H

You can't go wrong with this place. Dr. Julie Harris is superb. They operate in this place as one. With the main focus is on you healing an accomplishing your goals to recovery. Dr Salter along with staff is wonderful in working with you showing they care. When I became a client/patient their I could not really walk at all without being in pain and limped over. I went from a walker to a cane now I ambulate by myself. I use the cane for long outings. The Bottom line is if you are in need of therapy and help, this is the place . Last but not least.How awesome is the aquatic therapy. The warm pool water is amazing to My muscles. My friends The Physical Therapist Assistants are One of a kind, the Best.

Janelise W

First off I want to say that I am extremely disappointed, I am disappointed that I can only leave a 5 star rating, when it deserves a 10 star rating. When I first started attending I can honestly say that I was in a place of darkness because I was facing an injury that also started to affect my mental as well as my outlook on life, but never could I have known that the staff would provide more than just a service they also gave me something that was priceless which was hope, patience and the knowledge to help build my body as well as my confidence back up and even in my lowest moments they were still there in support and the crazy thing is this is what they do every day but I don't think they realize how much they have inspired and changed my life, so from the bottom of my heart to the entire staff and college staff thank you so much and I hope to see you guys again one day but hopefully only passing through the grocery store lol

Love D'angelo

The best physical therapy place I have ever been. As a practitioner in medical field too, I can say that they really know what they're doing. All the theories in books become real here. It has great ambience for motivating patients to heal and also for students / observer to study too. The staff are very friendly and patient. They're willing to explain to anyone in details. I would like to give 10 stars if I could!

Risa D

By far the most professional and competent team I have ever been referred to. I have struggled with shoulder and back pain for a few years now. Shortly after a month in a half I experienced a dramatic improvement in my range of motion in my shoulder and relief from my back pain. Really love the atmosphere and facilities as well. Would absolutely recommend this team to anyone.

Tamara D

I am not one to hand out praise to local companies without merit normally. I have to admit that i was skeptical about the amount of progress that was possible in the beginning of my therapy. These professionals were outstanding in their whole concept approach and very thorough in how i was treated. They bring you along slowly and at a pace which you are comfortable with. I would entrust anyone in my family to them, and I think they are one of Shreveports hidden gems of a business. Special thanks to Caitie and all of the women of SALT They deserve credit for many people being able to reclaim their lives again. Outstanding.

Dwayne R

I cannot say enough great things about this place! The facility is immaculate and feels more like a spa than a clinic. All of the staff is incredibly kind and knowledgeable, expressing genuine care for their patients and willingness to help. Dr. Harris was able to completely relieve my back pain and increase my overall strength in ways that fit my lifestyle. There's no other place I would go!

Emma C

Knowledgeable doctors, friendly personnel, and very clean and upbeat atmosphere!...I was involved in a high speed vehicle accident and thought my neck/back would never heal. Thanks to my physical therapist Katy, after only 3 therapy sessions my neck feels 100% better. They go the extra mile with perks like hot towels, massages, and snack and drink bar.

Colby S

After my back surgery and seeing 3 other physical therapists, I was very frustrated with my lack of progress. They each helped me but the results fell far short of what I felt I could accomplish and left me unable to participate in many of the activities I loved (hiking and horseback riding and long walks with my dog). Fortunately, a friend mentioned Dr. Harris (Julie) to me. Her expertise has gotten me back into EVERYTHING I love to do, as well as making my everyday life less painful and improving my sleep! I have worked with Julie annually since then. I consider her my "primary care PT".

Mary Louise T

Awesome place and people!! Hands down the most inviting place i have ever been...PERIOD. Christine is the sweetest and perfect as the first face you see when you walk in. Lydia and Julie are both super knowledgeable and genuinely care. I do not know everyone else by name, but they are all extremely friendly and helpful. Hands down the best and most versatile therapy facility around!


After being severely injured from a bus related accident, everyone here has helped me regain as close to normal a life as I could have hoped for. I'm so thankful to have found such an amazing facility and highly recommend them to anyone there would need any type of physical therapy assistance.

Caden C

I wish I could give this place, staff, and owners 10 stars, but only 5 stars are allowable. The service and care they give are complete EXCELLENCE at its finest! They look at healing and making a broken you, a BETTER YOU, as they are in it to promote your life, not to make a quick buck, like most hospitals here.
Aside from the doctor and physical therapist being BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, and TOTAL HOTTIES, they ACTUALLY KNOW THEIR ISH!
The only two things missing from here are YOGA and MEDITATION. That would make this place be 10 stars.


I just had my last day of physical therapy on Friday. The pain I had was horrible before going there. I only needed six sessions to not have pain when I walk. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting relief.

Pamela S

arthritis in right hip. pcp sent to orthopedic who immediately sent to othopedic who suggested surgery. felt like it came on suddenly but I'm sure it had been building. today i felt normal for the first time in months. there is hope due to shreveport land and aquatics.

Kimberly F

I want to note that I'm a very active person, who was getting no where with doctors. Dr. Julie is the answer to my needs! Her applied methods have helped me recover faster then ever! THANKS !!!

Sharon N

This is THE best physical therapy practice in Shreveport/Bossier!! They have great customer service and the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable. They are very hands on and you get one-on-one interaction. You are not just a number here; you are greeted and cheered on by name! I cannot recommend them enough, they make even the not so fun parts of physical therapy pretty dang enjoyable!

Jenn Fleming