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Discover the benefits of aquatic therapy in Shreveport, LA

If you've ever taken a dip after a long day, you probably know that being in the water has a soothing effect. Aquatic therapy takes it a step further by incorporating a heated, chemical-treated pool in your healing process. Come to Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies to experience aquatic therapy for yourself.

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You can experience aquatic physical therapy at our facility

Being in the water allows you to move your joints without too much stress. Aquatic physical therapy has been used to treat musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiac and orthopedic conditions in the past. We can help form a therapy plan to get you back in action.

Aquatic therapy can:

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Increase your strength
  • Improve your endurance
  • Improve your overall mobility

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