Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to wear a bathing suit for aquatic physical therapy?

No, wear anything that makes you feel comfortable getting wet, like shorts and a t-shirt.

How long is the physical therapy session?

Therapy ranges from one to two hours.

What will I be doing in the water?

It will depend on the injury/diagnosis; a protocol will be provided by your physical therapist at the time of the evaluation.

What if I can't swim?

No problem, most of the pool is shallow so patients do not need to swim. Also, flotation belts are used during therapy.

Do I need a physician's prescription?

No, in the state of Louisiana, prescriptions are not necessary for therapy treatments. However, a physician referral is helpful for understanding the focus of the treatment.

Do you accept private insurance?

Yes, we work with various plans, please call for specifics.

Do you accept workers' comp insurance?

Yes, we work with various workers' comp insurers, please call for specifics.