A welcoming, compassionate, and professional clinic that exudes exactly what the physical profession should be practiced. Highly recommended!


This is THE best physical therapy practice in Shreveport/Bossier!! They have great customer service and the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable. They are very hands on and you get one-on-one interaction. You are not just a number here; you are greeted and cheered on by name! I cannot recommend them enough, they make even the not so fun parts of physical therapy pretty dang enjoyable!

Jenn F.

Going to aquatic land therapy was my first time in any physical therapy activity i was able to gain. all my strength back into the muscles and joints that needed the work done, In my hand. I was able to get back to my power lifting program in no time. The staff was amazing, very friendly and a very welcoming facility. Thank you Dr. Harris!

Colin H.

You can't go wrong with this place. Dr. Julie Harris is superb. They operate in this place as one. With the main focus is on you healing an accomplishing your goals to recovery. Dr Salter along with staff is wonderful in working with you showing they care. When I became a client/patient their I could not really walk at all without being in pain and limped over. I went from a walker to a cane now I ambulate by myself. I use the cane for long outings. The Bottom line is if you are in need of therapy and help, this is the place . Last but not least. How awesome is the aquatic therapy. The warm pool water is amazing to My muscles. My friends The Physical Therapist Assistants are One of a kind, the Best.♥️

Janelise W.