Say Goodbye to Sore Muscles

Relieve tension with a dry needling session in Shreveport, LA

Are you experiencing stiff, sore or spasming muscles? You might be interested in dry needling. Dry needling involves inserting several small needles into your skin to relieve pain. Shreveport Aquatic and Land Therapies offers dry needling services from trained physical therapists.

Dry needling is similar to acupuncture. In some ways, it's a more modern form of acupuncture that is increasing in popularity. The needles trigger and stimulate your muscles to release muscular tension.

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Consider trying dry needling physical therapy

Dry needling has been very effective in easing muscle stiffness and pain. If you suffer from sports injuries, muscle pain or fibromyalgia symptoms, talk to a physical therapist about how dry needling physical therapy can help you.

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